Have a Go at Horse Ball

On May 18, 2024
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Saturday 18th May 🐴

Ivesley Equestrian, Ivesley Lane, Waterhouse, County Durham, DH7 9HB.


OPEN TO ALL ages of Riders on all sizes of horses/ponies!

We are also looking for new/beginner coaches,

Have you a competitive nature and think you could lead a team to victory 🏆

Come and join me to see if it is of interest to you,  training program available.


▶ Saturday 18th May 2024

▶ Must have own horse/pony

▶ You don’t need any previous experience or special equipment - all will be provided!


Groups/times will be split depending on human ages and ponies/horses sizes.



🐴 The British Horseball Association are recruiting riders aged 13-21yrs who are interested in potentially being part of the U16s & U21s Great Britain Horseball team for the future - would you be interested in travelling to France THIS SUMMER with your Horse? 🇬🇧


What is Horseball? Horseball is a highly spectacular equestrian sport that can be defined as a mix of "basketball and rugby on horseback". It is a fast action team game played on horseback based on attack and defense with the objective of scoring goals. Each team has four players, plus two substitutes (6 in total), and they must make a minimum of three passes between three different players before scoring. Players can be substituted at any break of play. The ball is a size 4 football (size 3 for the Ladies/juniors game) encased in a harness with 6 leather handles to enable picking up. The ball cannot be held for more than 10 seconds by any player, so they have to pass the ball between them when they make an attack which makes it a real team game. When the ball falls to the ground a player must pick it up in motion without dismounting or changing pace, this action is called "ramassage", the French term for picking up the ball. There is a strict priority to this in the interests of safety. The players score by throwing the ball through a 1m. diameter vertical hoop 3.5m from the ground to the bottom and hung 1m. into the pitch, which stands at each end as the goal. The game is normally played on an equestrian surface, in a rectangular pitch that is approximately 65 meters by 25 meters (approximately 215 feet by 80 feet). Each game lasts 20 minutes, made up of 2 x10 minute halves with a 3minute half time when the teams change ends. The team that scores the most goals win.


Why try Horseball? is a discipline designed to build a strong partnership between horse and rider. Encouraging us to push the boundaries of what you and your horse can do but as a team sport encouraging you to get the best out of your teammates and opposition. With exciting opportunities always around the corner. You will often find you have the chance to go forwards and represent your club not only at events in the UK but also at international events where you try to represent your club and or country.


I urge you to try to encourage young riders to come and give this exciting sport a try.


For more info or/and to book a place! or DM with any questions! ❤️🤍💙

Karen Lambley



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