Arena Eventers' Challenge

On March 16, 2024

Ivesley Eventers' Challenge

Ivesley Equestrian Centre, Waterhouses, Co. Durham, DH7 9HB

Clear round 09:00am till 10:00am £10

Classes are 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 1m - Classes are £12 in advance and £14 on the day!

Come and test your jumping skills at our Eventers' Challenge!

This competition is held within the arena and has a mix of Show-Jumping and Working Hunter Fences . 

The fastest time and fewest faults overall wins!


Not Before Times

Time Name Class J/S Horse Faults  Time Place
09:40 Lyn Hawksby Clear Round (approx 40cm) Senior Turfhill Titan       
09:44 Lily Johnson Clear Round (approx 40cm) Junior Missy      
09:48 Joe Burnitt  Clear Round (approx 40cm) Senior Bustinetta Diamond      
10:00 Lily Johnson 40cm Junior Missy      
10:03 Elsie Coulson 40cm Junior Hattie   43.37  
10:06 Joe Burnitt  40cm Senior Bustinetta Diamond WD WD WD
10:20 Annabelle Cottom  50cm Junior Finn 8 39.69 4
10:23 Lyn Hawksby 50cm Senior Turfhill Titan  4 36.09 2
10:26 Elsie Coulson 50cm Junior Hattie 4 34.88  
10:29 Mia  50cm Senior Toot  E E E
10:32 Alisha Mackie  50cm Junior Suntory Times - - -
10:35 Kate Fisher 50cm Senior October Sunrise  8 26.78 3
  Elsie 50cm Junior Missy 4 34.88 1
10:50 Annabelle Cottom  60cm Junior Finn 4 23.59 4
10:53 Holly Longrigg  60cm Junior Mrs Music  E E E
10:56 Michelle Shaw 60cm Senior Annie 0 28.40 2
10:59 Lucy Rogers 60cm Junior George 0 28.47 3
11:02 Kate Fisher 60cm Senior October Sunrise  E E E
11:05 John Robson 60cm Junior Jojo 16 103.32  
  Mia 60cm Junior Toot E 109.40 E
  Alisha Mackie 60cm  Junior  Jessie 0 25.94 1
11:20 Annabelle Cottom  70cm Junior Finn E E E
11:23 Tracy Hollifield 70cm Senior Annie 0 25.06 2
11:26 Holly Longrigg  70cm Junior Mrs Music  4 35.00 6
11:29 Lucy Rogers 70cm Junior George 0 24.54 1
11:32 Chloe Rogers 70cm Senior Jojo 4 33.37 5
  Faye Light 70cm Junior Spiro 0 37.03 3
  Alisha Mackie 70cm Junior Jessie 4 24.53 4
11:50 Sarah Dewar  80cm Senior Pennywells Choice WD WD WD
11:53 Becky Ross 80cm Senior Ratty  0 31.72 1
  Poppy Cleaver 80cm  Junior  Sully  4 24.12 3
  Faye Light  80cm Junior Spiro 0 38.22 2
11:56 Grace Bowyer  90cm Senior Azul Pearl 8 26.38 1
11:59 Sarah Dewar  90cm Senior Pennywells Choice WD WD WD
  Poppy Cleaver 90cm Junior Sully 16 39.63 2
12:15 Grace Bowyer  100cm Senior Azul Pearl  4 28.34



Entry to Ivesley property and participation in this event are subject to our standard Terms of Entry, which includes some useful definitions. In entering the event you are agreeing to those terms, so please read them.


Competition Guidelines

  • Pre-entry is required by midday on Tuesday prior to competition.
  • Late entries will be taken in advance - all bookings / payments must be made on line. 
  • A refund is only available if withdrawal is before the closing date. We will withhold £3 from any refund to cover our processing costs.
  • Times will be available on this website.


  • Visitors and competitors must not enter our livery yard buildings or touch any liveried horses at Ivesley
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead. Failure to do so will result in a £20 fine.
  • Horses tied to the outside of wagons/trailers must not be left unattended
  • Please leave the car park neat and tidy and remove any rubbish, litter or droppings
  • The organisers shall not be liable for any claims in respect of damage or accident to any person, whether competitor, servant, spectator, horse, vehicle or property howsoever caused in conjunction or arising out of the competition
  • All classes will be performed in conjunction with British Eventing rules
  • It is MANDATORY for all competitors/riders to wear a helmet to British standard EN1384, ASTMF1163 or PAS015 at all times when mounted on Ivesley Equestrian property
  • Lunging is not permitted by competitors anywhere on Ivesley Equestrian property
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises
  • All horses must not be carriers of any infectious or contagious diseases
  • Passports must be available for inspection on number collection at secretary's desk
  • Warm up is to take place in designated area only
  • The warm up area may be entered by competitors 20mins prior to their designated time
  • The judge's decision is final
  • Prizes must be collected on the day
  • Complaints must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the results being posted for the class with a deposit of £20, which will be refunded if the complaint is upheld.
  • Any competitor under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times
  • The management and organisers reserve the right to alter/amend the rules at their sole discretion